Schedule & Results, STEEL CITY - November 15 - 18 , 2018, 2018-19 (Sault Major Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 16, 2018
MB18:00 AMJR1 Nipigon Elks2-4North End Flames
BAA28:30 AMJR2 Columbus Vikings6-2Westfort Maroons
MB38:30 AMRAN Westfort Maroons8-1SSM And Sons Titans
MB48:30 AMPW SOO Steelheads1-10SSM Bucci Bandits
BHL59:30 AMJR1 Powassen Hawks4-6Walden Matt s Plumbing Buccaneers
BB610:00 AMJR2 SOO Inside out contracting2-6Current River Comets
BHL710:00 AMRAN Wawa Travellers6-6Nickel Centre Jets
BHL810:00 AMPW Copper Cliffe Eagles3-9Sudbury Hawks
MA911:00 AMJR1 SSM steelheads3-7Schumacher Cubs
MA1011:30 AMJR2 Iroquois Falls Eskimos2-3Parry Sound Shamrocks
BB1112:00 PMRAN SOO TMS Truck Center1-3SOO Blackhawks
BB1212:00 PMPW SOO Fratelli's Phantoms3-7SOO Ruscio Knights
MB131:00 PMJR1 Keweenaw Gatorbar6-3Nipigon Elks
BAA141:30 PMJR2 Soo Jr. Lakers 0-4Columbus Vikings
MB151:30 PMRAN Desbarats Lightning0-7North End Flames
MB161:30 PMPW SSM Pine Ridge Auto4-3Westfort Maroons
BB172:30 PMJR1 Current River Comets6-5SOO Thunder
BAA183:00 PMJR2 Westfort Maroons3-1SOO Greyhounds
BHL193:00 PMRAN Sudbury Hawks3-1Powassen Hawks
MA203:30 PMPW SSM GFL Grizzlies3-6Schumacher Cubs
MA214:00 PMJR1 Soo Attack2-3Iroquois Falls Eskimos
BHL224:30 PMJR2 Wawa Travellers2-4Walden Matt s Plumbing Buccaneers
BHL234:30 PMRAN Nickel Centre Jets7-5Copper Cliffe Eagles
BB245:00 PMPW SOO Blackhawks4-2SOO Inside out contracting
MB256:00 PMJR1 SSM And Sons Titans1-5SSM Bucci Bandits
MB266:30 PMJR2 Keweenaw Gatorbar10-2Desbarats Lightning
MB276:30 PMRAN SOO Steelheads2-5SSM Pine Ridge Auto
BB287:00 PMPW SOO Fratelli's Phantoms4-3SOO TMS Truck Center
BAA287:30 PMJR1 SOO Greyhounds8-2Soo Jr. Lakers
BB308:00 PMJR2 SOO Thunder6-1SOO Ruscio Knights
MA318:00 PMRAN Parry Sound Shamrocks2-3SSM GFL Grizzlies
MA328:30 PMPW SSM steelheads2-1Soo Attack
Saturday, November 17, 2018
BB338:00 AMJR1 Current River Comets1-2SOO Blackhawks
BB358:00 AMRAN SOO Inside out contracting3-5SOO Thunder
MA348:30 AMJR2 Soo Attack0-5Schumacher Cubs
MA368:30 AMPW Parry Sound Shamrocks6-1SSM steelheads
BHL379:30 AMJR1 Powassen Hawks7-1Copper Cliffe Eagles
BB399:30 AMRAN SOO Ruscio Knights1-9SOO TMS Truck Center
BHL3810:00 AMJR2 Nickel Centre Jets1-5Walden Matt s Plumbing Buccaneers
MB4010:00 AMPW SSM Bucci Bandits6-4Westfort Maroons
MB4111:30 AMJR1 Nipigon Elks5-5SOO Steelheads
BHL4311:30 AMRAN Sudbury Hawks6-4Wawa Travellers
MB4212:00 PMJR2 SSM And Sons Titans0-9North End Flames
MB4412:00 PMPW Keweenaw Gatorbar3-2SSM Pine Ridge Auto
BAA451:00 PMJR1 Westfort Maroons6-1Soo Jr. Lakers
MA471:00 PMRAN Soo Attack4-8SSM GFL Grizzlies
BAA461:30 PMJR2 Columbus Vikings3-0SOO Greyhounds
MA481:30 PMPW SSM steelheads4-9Iroquois Falls Eskimos
BB493:00 PMJR1 SOO Ruscio Knights2-3SOO Inside out contracting
BB513:00 PMRAN SOO Fratelli's Phantoms0-1Current River Comets
MB523:00 PMPW Desbarats Lightning1-6Westfort Maroons
BHL503:30 PMJR2 Copper Cliffe Eagles1-6Walden Matt s Plumbing Buccaneers
BHL534:30 PMJR1 Wawa Travellers1-2Powassen Hawks
BHL554:30 PMRAN Nickel Centre Jets1-4Sudbury Hawks
MB545:00 PMJR2 SSM Pine Ridge Auto0-6North End Flames
MB565:00 PMPW SOO Steelheads1-9Keweenaw Gatorbar
BAA Semi's576:30 PMJR1 Soo Jr. Lakers 0-10Columbus Vikings
MB596:30 PMRAN SSM Bucci Bandits3-4Nipigon Elks
MA606:30 PMPW Iroquois Falls Eskimos4-0SSM GFL Grizzlies
BAA Semi's587:00 PMJR2 SOO Greyhounds3-4Westfort Maroons
BB618:00 PMJR1 SOO TMS Truck Center5-3SOO Thunder
MA638:00 PMRAN Schumacher Cubs1-1Parry Sound Shamrocks
MB648:00 PMPW SSM And Sons Titans2-6Desbarats Lightning
BB628:30 PMJR2 SOO Blackhawks6-3SOO Fratelli's Phantoms
Sunday, November 18, 2018
MA/ Semi's658:00 AMJR1 SSM GFL Grizzlies1-2Schumacher Cubs
BHL Semi's688:00 AMRAN Nickel Centre Jets4-2Walden Matt s Plumbing Buccaneers
BHL Semi's698:00 AMPW Powassen Hawks1-5Sudbury Hawks
MA/ Semi's668:30 AMJR2 Parry Sound Shamrocks3-2Iroquois Falls Eskimos
MB/ Semi's709:30 AMJR1 SSM Pine Ridge Auto2-5North End Flames
BB Semi's729:30 AMRAN SOO Thunder3-4SOO Blackhawks
BB Semi's739:30 AMPW SOO TMS Truck Center3-5Current River Comets
MB/ Semi's7110:00 AMJR2 SSM Bucci Bandits2-7Keweenaw Gatorbar
BAA -Final7411:30 AMJR2 Westfort Maroons3-1Columbus Vikings
Bhl -Final7512:30 PMJR1 Nickel Centre Jets2-5Sudbury Hawks
MA/ Finals761:00 PMJR2 Parry Sound Shamrocks2-1Schumacher Cubs
BB -Finals772:00 PMJR1 Current River Comets5-1SOO Blackhawks
MB -Finals782:30 PMJR2 Keweenaw Gatorbar2-8North End Flames
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